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Would you like to earn 5 cents per a wallpaper?

Rules Before Uploading A Wallpaper

These are the rules that you must follow in order to submit a wallpaper. These rules are here to ensure that wallpapers displays the most quality wallpapers on the net. If users are continually uploading wallpapers that were stolen from other sites, or wallpapers that break the rules, then FOOTBALLPICTURES.NET has the right to delete the member's account.

- For each wallpaper accepted 5 cents will be credited to the user's account.
- For each wallpaper user will have to submit the size of the actual wallpaper should be bigger than 800x600.
- Payment will be made to the member through
- Payment will be made to the member after the acceptance of at least 100 wallpapers.
- Wallpapers submitted will be accepted or rejected by FOOTBALLPICTURES.NET depending on the quality of the wallpaper.
- Only accepted wallpapers will be displayed on FOOTBALLPICTURES.NET
- You can upload wallpaper anything about Football.You can upload wallpaper any football category what do you want. (Footballers, players, referees, stadiums, competitions, teams etc.)
- You may click the category link and then you click submit wallpaper link. (Example 1, Example 2 or Example 3)(Please dont upload wallpaper that before you become a member.)
-Wallpapers that you have uploaded must be including footballer name, team name etc. (For example: Mesut Ozil, Manchester united, Arsenal logo 1024x768 etc.)
- The size of the Wallpaper should not be more than 2.5 megabytes.
- Do not submit wallpapers that are poor quality, fuzzy, or distorted. Only submit quality wallpapers
- Only submit wallpapers that are saved in .GIF, .PNG or .JPG format.
- It will take maximum 72 hrs. (3 days) to accept or reject the wallpapers.
- Wallpapers must be unique. The most important rule of all......only submit wallpapers that you have actually made yourself. Do NOT go to other wallpaper sites, save the wallpapers, and upload them here. That is not what FOOTBALLPICTURES.NET is all about. If we find out that people submit wallpapers that are from other icon sites, they will be deleted.

What should you do for get paid to

1. Become a member.

2.Activate e-mail and login.

3.Click the submit wallpaper home page or category page

4.You can look your activated images, your funds. You can edit paypal id in profile. You can request payment in control panel.

5.Contact us and request payment. | Contact: Lang: imagenes de futbol | foto calcio | fussball bilder | image de football | futbol resimleri | fotos futebol |