Football Equipment Used by Professionals

It doesn’t matter how good you play the game if you are unable to protect yourself. Furthermore, there are regulations and name brands that make the game what it is today, so it would be wise to save up some money, if you are looking to pursue football as a hobby or profession, and get your hands on some basic, but top-quality, equipment. A lot of famous football players use only the top quality equipment and you can read more about one particular football player who does that and dominates the field. To that end, we have made a humble list of items you should take a look at.


When you are playing for a particular club, then you can be sure that it will probably supply you with a kit. In some unfortunate cases, however, we are not fortunate enough to rely on the club to procure what we need. Bear in mind that you can play football without a professional kit, but not in the big leagues.

Some of the more notable brands that make shoes, shorts, and jerseys are Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Lotto Sport, and a few others. When buying a kit, pay special attention to acquire some practice clothes as well. It won’t do to play in the same equipment you use for training, would it?

Shin Guards

Sometimes, players sustain some damage on the field. That’s okay and perfectly natural – football is a physical sport, after all. The way to protect your shins is to buy a shin guard. Ankles are also easily put out of commission, so consider guards that protect them both.

Puma, Vizari, Adidas, and Nike all have their own products in this line and, as far as sports equipment goes, it is somewhat affordable. You can get a pair of shin guards for $15 on average.


Some teams avoid practice when it rains. In the UK, however, rain is the default weather, so getting some clothes you can train in while it is pouring out there could give you an extra edge over your opponents when you face off against them. Just make sure they will keep you dry and try not to overdo it.


Consult your wallet before purchasing a ball to play with, as the clubs and coaches already have a few spares, or they should. However, getting your own football allows you to practice in your free time, even when you are not at the club.

Apart from the established brands of Adidas, Nike, and Vizari, pros sometimes use Mikasa, Mitre, and Select. Depending on the brand and the latest product in their line, the price of a good football ranges from $10 to over $100. If you’re just getting started, any ball will do.

Water Bottle

Any athlete will tell you that it is essential to keep hydrated. You will rarely find anyone buying a bottle of water for every practice. Water bottles are used by footballers, hikers, and cyclists. It doesn’t matter whether you get a YETI or S’well, as long as you have a container for that precious, life-giving liquid in your bag. One last thing, you should probably get a bag for all of the listed items.


Now, it is time for some bad news. A football bag for your kit from a name brand can cost around $100. However, you can buy a kit bag for much less. The thing to consider when purchasing this is how long it will last, how durable the material is, and how it fares against water damage. Now, you are all set.

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