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Highest Earning Football Brands

It is not just a matter of who has the best team, or the best players. Sometimes, clubs get sponsored by big brands, and other times, they themselves become brands with global recognition. We will discuss the top 6 football brands in the world.

Manchester United

You can’t go wrong with Manchester! In the 2018 report by Brand Finance, which we will be relying on for this list, the top spot goes to Manchester United. Why is that? Well, the brand itself was worth $1,895 million with the brand strength clocking in at 94.6, which makes its rank AAA+. The team kit manufacturer is Adidas, and the shirts are made by Chevrolet

Real Madrid

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While the brand is worth less than Manchester United with their own $1,573 million, Real Madrid brand strength is more powerful than that of Man United at 96.2. Naturally, the AAA+ rank is awarded to them, as well. Managed by Zidane, the team has their kits made by Adidas and shirts by Emirates. They have the highest awareness level in China and are one of the best teams in the world. Having Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t hurt their brand at all.

FC Barcelona

Real Madrid’s rivals are clothed by Rakuten and Nike. The value of their brand is $1,511 million and they too, have the AAA+ rank, because their brand strength is 96.6, making Real Madrid the strongest brand on this list. Their creed, ‘More than a club’, makes them one of the most recognized football teams on the planet. Lionel Messi is one of the people that carry the brand.

FC Bayern Munich

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With sponsors like Deutsche Telecom and Adidas, Bayern is worth $1,406 million, with an index on 93.1. Their revenues are stable and significant because of several factors. First of all, they are a force to be reckoned with in football. Secondly, the German National Football Association, or DFS, is very strict when it comes to making clubs profitable. As the regulators of football in Germany, they don’t allow just any team to enter Bundesliga or trade players if their finances can’t back it up.

Manchester City FC

Here we have the first club with a brand strength that is of lower rank than the others, but it is still one of the strongest teams in terms of revenue. Manchester City has the AAA rank with an index of 88.6. However, their value is $1,331 million, making them ranked 5th in the report. Nike manufactures the kits, while the shirts are made by Etihad Airways. With their business venture, the brand is expected to only get stronger as time goes by.

Liverpool FC

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Standard Character and New balance are responsible for the shirts and the kits, respectively. Jürgen Klopp has achieved great things with Liverpool, making the brand value go up to $1,204 million, and their brand strength 92.2. The expansion of their stadium is one of the reasons fans are more eager to see their games, though the cause and effect of the relationship between the two might be more complex.