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Streaming Football

Sometimes, watching football on TV is just not enough. You want to take matches with you wherever you go, or you simply refuse to buy the extra expensive cable package for the one sports channel you are actually interested in. To circumvent this problem, many people go to bookmaker websites and use sites such as to find a bonus offer and make a bet, thus getting the opportunity to follow their favourite game online. On the other hand, others use online streaming services, so they can enjoy their favorite sports at a single click or swipe. Here are some of the sites to consider for football streaming.


This service focuses on sports, though it is not only dedicated to streaming. It is favored by football fans for its ability to follow 100 channels, though you can only stream two at a time. It’s on the pricier side, but it supports all kinds of internet TV services, like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and a number of apps. If there is a live match, you are likely to find it here.

PlayStation Vue

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And you thought PlayStation was just for games. The streaming service treats its customers in the same manner a cable company does, in that it offers a certain number of designated channels per package. More sought after channels usually mean pricier packages, but if you find your favorite channel there, you can stream live football. However, their official website states that individual channels can be bought for live streaming, so you can watch, say, Fox Soccer Plus, which covers matches from high profile tournaments and leagues, like Bundesliga and UEFA Europa League. The service is supported on PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as Roku, Chromecast, Android, and iOS devices, to name a few.


Some apps also provide streaming services and they are financed by ads. that means that they are free, though the ads can be annoying at times, especially during the key points in the game.


Eurosport is one of the apps and channels that are comprehensive, meaning that you can get many different sports on it. Concerning football, you are welcome to enjoy all the major leagues. It has a user-friendly interface and highlights of the matches. There are a few issues with the app, but it is worth it, especially when you factor in that the service is free.

CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live

The title, though clumsy, says it all. You can view the scores, follow the news and statistics, and watch the football matches live. Because CBS is American, we are not sure about the scope of football being covered, though they are keen on promoting the women’s national team. It does have nearly 100.000 downloads, so that must account for something.

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Free Online Services

Yes, they exist, but there are so many issues with them that we would not recommend trying to find one. For starters, we are talking about piracy. Normally, the sites that promise live streaming with little to no English and spam keywords don’t have a license to stream the events. Secondly, the quality of the stream is usually beyond terrible, provided you can find a stream that doesn’t crash. The picture quality is dreadful, the stream randomly starts and stops, the audio does not match the video, and so on.

But the biggest reason to avoid these free services is the scope of malware it can bring onto our device. Giving strangers permission to view your data is unsafe. Therefore, it takes a really desperate soul to use a pirated streaming service.